Daily, 10am - 6pm


We have once again partnered with the Hermosa Arts Group of Hermosa Beach. Winning applicants to their fine arts fair will be on exhibit on Pacific Coast Highway and Pier Avenue during Fiesta. The first shuttle stop is located directly in front of the fair. There are also artists located in the Makers Market and will be listed on the "Shop" page.

Artists are in alphabetical order.

Alison Corteen

Armelle Ngo


Bobo Wince

Carole Hedrick

Christine Madrid

Courtney Scruggs

Danielle Berden

Darci Bogdan

DAVID Schwartz

Don Adkins

Douglas Magill

Erika Hall

Gary Binder

Gene Frank

Ilse Duijn

JD Shultz

Jean McCallister

Jeff Davison

Jeff Wilson

John Post

Justin Mars

Kate Mackie Ashton

Laura Quinn

Luisito Amador

Marc Raphael

Margaret Gonzalez

Mayra Sarmiento

Melanie McFarland

Meredith DuBois

Millie Velasco

Nicolas Kolesnikow

Noah Gottlieb

Patricia Hughes/Janice Shultz

Rosine Sorbom & Bob Mackie

Ryan Campbell

Sarah Logue

Saul Yurivilca

Shelley Anthopoulos

Stephanie Wilson

Student Art

Susannah Brin

Tim Earling

Tom Oh

Tony Stephen

Wanda Gale

West Side Artist Collective