Tickets are paperless and distributed as a QR code in your confirmation email that can only be scanned ONCE by the user who is registered and assigned when purchased. Please save your email containing the QR code in a safe place to be scanned at the event. You will be wrist-banded and the QR code is voided after a single scan on entry.

* All child tickets must be purchased with a general admission or VIP ticket.



Unfortunately, because your ticket purchase supports a nonprofit, we cannot honor any refunds for Fiesta Hermosa Locale tickets. (we proceed rain or shine)

If Fiesta is cancelled entirely (COVID or other act of God), 50% of your ticket(s) will be refunded.

Because each ticket is uniquely coded and because we are requested to capture names of attendees, any transfer of tickets needs to be coordinated with our ticketing team at

You may gift or sell your ticket, but you cannot profit from the sale of the ticket.