Daily, 11am - 7pm

Our Food Fair located at 11th and Hermosa Avenue will be filled with delicious treats. Be sure to come grab some tacos, kettle corn, and hot dogs. We've invited all of our local restaurants to participate plus some historical favorites.

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Fiesta Hermosa Saturday 5-28-22 - LLP-111

Featured Food Vendors

Orange Place Concessions

Salt N Pepper Truck

Poutine Brothers

Greek Gyros Pita

Cali Sweets

Buttery Popcorn Co

El Tarasco

Shuck Brothers

Crepes Dusigne

Ken's Porkstickers

Oma's Poffertjes

Masarap Cafe

Pedone's Pizza

Philly King

Taquito Lover

Classic Thai BBQ

Grillz Santa Maria Style Tri Tip

The Empanada Factory

Mini D by Alexa