We're delighted that Fiesta Hermosa is an accessible event. We have consulted with local advice and ensure guests with needs that they can come and enjoy Hermosa. Below is a list of areas and any special information an individual might need to prepare:

  • Sidewalk Shopping & Makers Mercado: Where possible, we have widened the walkways between street shopping vendors to allow for more space. Sidewalk shopping is setup such that there is ample space for wheelchairs and other accessible equipment to pass through.
  • The Garden: Takes place in a level parking lot with plenty of room to move about.
  • Beach Concert: There's a newly installed ADA beach path that allows guests to easily reach the front of the stage and park/sit/stand to enjoy the music.
  • ADA Parking: We have provided additional ADA parking spots driving (1) west bound on Pier Avenue between Bard and Valley Drive and (2) on 13th Ct near Hermosa Avenue. Entry is permitted to those with valid ADA parking placards.
  • Pier Plaza: We have removed the enter street vendors from Pier Plaza to enable all patrons to move about freely without obstructions.
  • Shuttles: We were unable to secure a full fleet of buses with a lift for our shuttle service, but there are 1-2 in the circulation that can meet the needs of persons requiring a lift. Unfortunately we are unable to notate the timing of the cycle when those buses will be available.

If you have further questions, please email