Some ADA parking spots will be made available just south of the Garden entrance (10th Street and Hermosa Avenue) on the West side of the street. They will be clearly marked. Please note that traditionally these spots fill up quickly, so arrive early if you intend to park there. Valid placards are required and you will be towed if you park illegally.


The bicycle parking corral will be located on the sand next to the pier.


Due to parking limitations and concerns for drinking and driving, we heavily encourage attendees to ride share. We have a designated Ride Share area just South of the entrance on 10th Street and Hermosa Avenue in the median area. If you intend to enjoy any adult beverages, we URGE YOU to please avoid driving and simply grab and Uber or a Lyft and come have a good time. Law enforcement will be heavily present and Hermosa has zero tolerance for drunk drivers.


The Buses will run between the Northrop Grumman Lot and the Fiesta Locale Venue from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There is no Shuttle on Friday night due to the local theme. There will also be a stop on PCH at 11th street for the Fine Arts Festival.

The address of the Northrop lot is Building M5 on Aviation Blvd., just north of Marine Ave.