Daily, 11am - 7pm

The Carnival is located on upper pier (between Monterey & Valley St) and Memorial Day will include even MORE rides, lower priced games, lots of food trucks and activities, a petting zoo, and live music from local youth bands (brought to you by South Bay Music Connection and Coast Music)!

Remember if you shuttle to Fiesta to hop off at the first shuttle stop on Pacific Coast Highway, walk down Pier Avenue and you'll be at the Carnival.

Down at the beach? No problem. Hop on the shuttle at 10th and Hermosa and ride up!

Carnival Details

Featured Rides:

  • Ferris Wheel (8 tickets)
  • Giant Slide (4 tickets)
  • Mind Winder (6 tickets)
  • Dizzy Dragon (6 tickets)
  • Kid's Swings (6 tickets)
  • Kid's Playport (6 tickets)

Games: (6-10 tickets)

Exhibit/Activity Booths:

  • Pop-Up Mini Golf (8 tickets)
  • Petting Zoo

Carnival Tickets:

$1 = 1 ticket

Rides are $4-8 each

Games are $6-10 each

Prices have been adjusted based on feedback after Memorial Day. There may be height or age restrictions for various rides. There are no pre-sale tickets. All ticket sales are final - no refunds.

Carnival Stage

Rock out with the South Bays rising stars! Music by South Bay Music Connection and Coast Music.


Saturday, May 25

South Bay Music Connection

12:00-12:30pm  |  Chicken Nuggets on a Tuesday

12:45-1:15pm  |  Maggie's Dream

1:30-2:00pm  |  The Hobos

2:15-2:45pm  |  Redletter

3:00-3:30pm  |  Scream Revolution

3:45-4:15pm  |  Vaquita

4:30-5:00pm  |  Wong Quadruplets

5:15-5:45pm  |  Yoyoka Family Band

Sunday, May 26

South Bay Music Connection

12:00-12:30pm  |  Sandra Kelly

12:45-1:15pm  |  Natalie Jones

1:30-2:00pm  |  Gretchen Dorr

2:15-2:45pm  |  Ruby and the Thorns

3:00-3:30pm  |  Michael Gourzis Band

3:45-4:15pm  |  Swing in a Siz

4:30-5:00pm  |  The Aura

5:15-5:45pm  |  The Never Evers

Monday, May 27

Coast Music

12:00pm  |  MS Jazz Band

12:30pm  |  Tender Defender

1:00pm  |  Cruel Diamond

1:30pm  |  Breakdown

2:00pm  |  Smart Idea

2:25pm  | Taking Back Fall

2:50pm  |  Static

3:15pm  |  T5 A Cappella

3:30pm  |  Deformed Skittle

4:00pm  | High and Dry

4:30pm | I Smell Pennies

5:00pm  |  Broken Record

5:30pm  |  CM Jazz Collective


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Covered Seating and Bike/Stroller Parking

carnival 2

We have stroller parking available in Star's Antique Parking lot by the petting zoo (526 Pier Avenue).