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Due to restrictions on California “mega” events, we have modified this year’s event to have a smaller footprint and limited capacity inside a ticketed area. Many of the changes were beyond our control and are not permanent future changes. Most street closures and vendor booths in the middle of the streets will not be a part of this Fiesta. Fine art vendors will be featured in the Community Center Art Lawn at the top of Pier and our shuttles will make a stop at this location so visitors can walk from there, down Pier Avenue to the Garden if they wish. Hermosa business vendors will have tables and tents in front of their businesses along Pier and Hermosa Avenues. Outdoor dining decks and LIVE music will be alive in town. A virtual stream of the music inside the Garden will be available to participating businesses and Hermosa visitors may be able to enjoy Fiesta Locale both inside and outside the Garden. Tickets holders for the Garden may enter, leave, and re-enter at their discretion. 

Unfortunately, because your ticket purchase supports a nonprofit, we cannot honor any refunds for Fiesta Hermosa Locale tickets. (we proceed rain or shine)

If Fiesta is cancelled entirely (COVID or other act of God), 50% of your ticket(s) will be refunded.

Because each ticket is uniquely coded and because we are requested to capture names of attendees, any transfer of tickets needs to be coordinated with our ticketing team at

You may gift or sell your ticket, but you cannot profit from the sale of the ticket. 

Labor Day weekend, September 4-6, 2021 with extended hours from previous years (12-10pm on Saturday and Sunday and 12-8pm on Monday)

Hermosa Beach. Different parts of our plan take place in different areas of the downtown area and all are walkable. We highly recommend you make a transportation plan because parking is very challenging and limited within the City limits. See our parking page for guidance.

Locale 90254 is a completely separate event from Fiesta Hermosa Locale. It's a Hermosa-centric community event for the Hermosa community (residents, businesses and leaders). There will be exhibit booths by local businesses and nonprofits, awards to various stand our community members, music for all to enjoy, and more surprises in store. Tickets are $25 for every individual 12 and over. Children are free. All of the amenities of Fiesta will be available including Carnival rides, food, drinks and everything else you see in the Garden area of Fiesta. For this reason, we enabled the ability for you to also buy your Fiesta tickets with your Locale 90254 tickets on this page. But again, please note, a Fiesta weekend pass DOES NOT cover the Friday night Locale 90254 event. Please visit our Facebook invite for more details about Locale 90254

Parking in Hermosa Beach in the summer is always a challenge. We recommend making a plan before you visit. Visit our parking page for guidance. We heavily suggest you avoid taking a chance with trying to find parking in the area yourself—trust us, you will spend a lot of time driving in traffic looking.

We have a small selection of local vendors selling food inside of the Garden. But Hermosa has dozens of dining options in the downtown area and because you and come and go from the Garden as much as you want, we encourage guests to visit their favorite food destinations in Hermosa.

Lots! Inside the Garden we have:

  • Rides like a ferris wheel and carousel
  • Nonstop killer music on two stages
  • Local breweries, wine and cocktails
  • Local food
  • Unique experiential booths
  • VIP area

On the Art Lawn we have over 100 talented artists and makers of amazing goods

On the Sidewalk, our Hermosa businesses will be having lots of tables and tents selling amazing goods. And our restaurants with dining decks will be lively and ready to serve in the Fiesta spirit.

We have been working with the Beach Cities Health District to ensure that we are providing the safest experience possible for Fiesta goers.

We have eliminated the crowded vendor booths in the streets and instead moved the art vendors onto the Lawn—spreading the footprint of Fiesta.

We have a QR code ticketing system to minimize direct contact.

We will be providing sanitizing stations inside the Garden.

We are providing a virtual stream of the main stage entertainment

You can buy tickets here! We accept all major credit cards and you can easily use your phone to buy. 

Tickets are paperless and distributed as a QR code that can only be scanned ONCE by the user who is registered and assigned when purchased. Please save your QR code in a safe place to be scanned at the event. You will be wristbanded and the QR code is voided after a single scan on entry.

There is NO need to print your tickets. We will scan your ticket on any mobile device.

Yes, if available, but please note the prices are more expensive at the door. Also, we do expect to sell out, so please plan accordingly.

If you cannot find your ticket email, please give yourself extra time at the event entrance for us to look up your ticket. Please provide ID. We will check to make sure your QR code has not been scanned.

None! People of all ages are welcome!

Dress code? In Hermosa? That’s silly. Hermosa is an inclusive and inviting environment. With that said, we kindly ask you to be appropriate in our family-friendly environment.

Unfortunately, dogs, and pets, are not allowed in the gated Garden area of Fiesta. However, you and your furry friend are free to wander in The Sidewalk.

No, you only need tickets for the Garden. Both the Lawn and the Sidewalk are free.

No. The Beer Garden as we knew it is gone because we now have both stages of music and all food, drinks, and fun in the same fenced in area. There is no separate access for the beer. For this reason, you'll be carded and wristbanded, if you wish to drink, on entrance.

Some of our sponsors will have some exhibits at the top of Pier Plaza near the beach, but other than that, the only thing on Pier Plaza will be the wonderful businesses and their extended dining decks and shopping area. Please enjoy them!

If you're an artist - please apply to be a part of the Art Festival on the Lawn. If you're not, please consider becoming an Experience Sponsor inside the Garden (contact us here). There are a limited amount of these spaces and you must provide an experience, but we're very excited about it! If none of these suit you, we're very sorry and hope that you fill out our contact form so that we can contact you for the next Fiesta when we hopefully have vendor booths back in full force. 

Tickets are paperless and distributed as a QR code in an email that can only be scanned ONCE by the user who is registered and assigned when purchased. Please save your QR code in a safe place to be scanned at the event. You will be wristbanded and the QR code is voided after a single scan on entry. But just in case, we'll email you again a day or two before Fiesta to make sure you have it. Simply show that QR code and we'll scan your phone and wristband you.

NOTE, each QR code is unique and cannot be scanned more than once. This prevents fraud and prevents sneaky people from trying to use a code to enter multiple people. We will also have cameras at all entries to Fiesta so don't even try. If you let a friend use your QR code, you won't be able to use the same code.

We are the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau - a 501(c)6 nonprofit that benefits the business community. Our funding and existence is dependent on membership dues and event fundraising (namely from Fiesta). Because we haven't had a Fiesta in a long time, we desperately need revenue from Fiesta. Because of COVID, we have to limit capacity and so in order to both raise funds and pay our talent and the City fees, we have to charge admission. We're sorry for this change and we kept the prices as low as we could. Thank you for your support!

To the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. We are complete independent of the City of Hermosa Beach. We are a nonprofit that serves to promote and benefit the small business community here in Hermosa.

Yes, but there are limited spaces. If you would like to participate in this area and qualify as an organization for the free speech area, please contact